Bulan yang lalu saya melihat brosur lomba di mading SMAN 1 TAMAN (smanita) yaitu lomba mini newspaper. Dimana kreatifitas desain + fotografi + jurnalistik di perlombakan. Tanpa pikir panjang saya langsung mendaftar kompetisi tersebut dan mengajak kakak kelas saya untuk membuat artikel-artiekel tentang indonesia menuju sehat. saya pun mulai mencari inspirasi dan refrensi di internet untuk permulaan desain saya. setelah desain saya jadi saya coba bandingkan dengan desain milik peserta lain untuk memastikan apakah desain yang saya buat sudah layak atau belum. dan setelah itu saya revisi lagi, kendala pun terjadi ditengah pembuatan ketika saya mendesain, laptop saya akhirnya pun rusak untuk yang kedua kalinya. sehingga saya terpaksa mondar-mandir ke warnet untuk menyelesaikan melihat deadline hanya tinggal sehari saja waktu itu.

Semuanya sudah selesai dan hasil akhirnya seperti ini

Desain di atas di buat mengunakan photoshop. di lain kesempatan saya akan membagikan file pdf dari gambar tersebut.


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Setelah kemarin saya membagikan persentasi kimia koloid ppt kali ini ada ppt yang saya buat sewaktu duduk di bangku kelas 10 SMA yaitu tentang bensin (bioethanol). berikut screenshotnya.

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Kali ini saya membagikan power point ppt tentang sistem koloid. pelajaran kimia SMA kelas 11. berikut screenshotnya

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So this is my english homework, we must make a Spoof text.
Which all about our funny experience. And my friend, herliana asked me to make one for her. Actually this is not necessary if I write down to the paper. Because I'll read it in front of the class. and others do either.

The definition of spoof text itself is a kind of text and tells an unpredictable ending funny story.

to entertain and share the story.
Generic Structure of Spoof
1. Orientation
2. Events
3. Twist
Language Feature of Spoof
  • 1. Focusing on people, animals or certain things
  • 2. Using action verb; ate, ran, etc
  • 3. Using adverb of time and place
  • 4. Told in chronological order
My Spoof text personal experience.

Last week, I went to the 21 to watching movie. I got a bad seat. I had a seat near the screen but it was fine beacuse the movie was very good. I didn't enjoyed enough. A guy and the girl were sitting next to me and were talking loudly. I could not hear clearly the actors. Then I warned them. But they didn't pay attention to me. I could not bear it Then I looked to them and said angrily, "I can't hear the words" . and the guy answered, "its none of your bussiness", ,"this is private conversation".

Second spoof text

I asked a friend why she changed her uniform in the sport class and didn't dressed it already before going to school. Then she looked at me and said unreluctantly. "I don't want to get reserved dressed just like you.".
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Monday daylight, she picked me up in the gate near my home to having lunch and enjoyed chicken noodle beside my friend's home. We had already planned for this before, and coming back to private lesson. It's not far I think and the weather was kind to both of us. At the beginning when we meet I guessed she would smile to me, but yes of course she laughed. She teased me by keep going as if she didn't see me standing waited for her. Then I did the same and walked, she was turned around her motorcycle and approached me with no word but smile, I could saw behind her helmet's glass. We were talking much on the way. And on the each conversation always ended by laughing. I used to like this moment. Especialy The moment I could made someone laughing and crying. I'm not gonna tell you the reason.

Since we didn't know where is the place so we stopped in front of my friend's home, herliana, texting to herliana to come out and help us to find out the location, but nothing happened. Until I accidentaly read the big cool banner with the text "mie ayam". without any thinking I spelled it aloud and pointed at, then she laughed Again. :)

We really enjoyed the food with every single conversation. My friend, taufik told the truth if the taste are good. We were not about to dissapointed to him for the promote about the food. We hoped that we would come here another day. A hour passed by and we should go back for private lesson. on the way, my friend in private lesson, nena, needed to be picked up to the private lesson because nena had waited over the square. So I pulled the gas even more faster, but she yelled at me to slow down, I don't know why does she unlike that.

Then the lesson was about to started, all student had waited for teacher. When we had waited for, the teacher informed that she couldn't come because of heavy rain. Feeling shocked heard that, either way I was happy
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Finally, I have a time for my blog again.. if you ask me where am I have
been then I couldn't answer. I didn't go anywhere.. I was just unmotivated
to write a post. Well today is sunday and tomorrow will be a good a
week-holiday, at least. Then I should face with the middle semester exam,
hoping got better result than before. This week, I have nothing to do. I
had finished my first film project for school homework. This is my first
step to becoming hollywood film director, I felt so happy but when it had
got screened in the class the projector was so bad. I didn't get any clear
picture so does audience. So I'm going to make my film up on youtube. As
soon as possible.
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I've just recovered from 2 days sick and now I'm laying in my bed
curious about this blog. I'm little confused with my new blog platform
whereas in my opinion blogger is the easiest blog platform before I
moved from wordpress self-hosting. I'm not a newbie on the net, I have
been growing up with internet since 2006 when I was in 1st junior high
school. Internet is the new thing at that time, and quite exciting,
not much to an adult but for a child this is able to destroy the
physicological mental if they used it wrong. I remember when I was
built a mobile site at the first time ever named cyrius which located
at cyrius.peperonity.com. then in the next 3 years I decided to build
a site, so I choosed self-hosting service nearest for my wordpress. I
took up the blog competition with my site and definitely I'm the
winner. Coz I thought My self-hosted wordpress was the best of all
competitor. I installed so many plugins there, sadly the page load was
slow and the traffic's decrease.
Time pass by I had no money to pay the hosting. My site's no longer
exist as it down forever...
So you had already know why I choosed blogger.
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